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Shop GUM Soft Picks Advanced - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. Preparation Instructions. Easy to Use: Use . Buy GUM Soft-Picks Advanced 60 count at Instructions: Easy to Use: Use gentle in and out motion to clean between teeth and massage gums. If bleeding persists or gums remain red and swollen, see your dentist. Dispose of floss pick after rethinkaids.infong Instructions: Hold handle, guide floss between.

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Interproximal gingivitis and plaque reduction by four interdental products.

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The only soft pick on the market today Soft, flexible bristles, not hard wood or plastic Tapered design to work with appliances such as bridges, pontics, implants and orthodontics Tissue friendly More comfortable and effective than wooden or plastic picks Easy to use for those patients who find flossing too cumbersome or difficult Latex free. Home; Products; Alternatives to floss: A review of Sunstar Gum's Soft-Picks Advanced. It's important to be able to offer alternatives to floss for those patients who refuse to use it and for those who have wider interdental spaces—due to lost periodontal support, shifted teeth, or implants, for example—that might render floss ineffective. Sunstar GUM Soft-picks with 2 Convenient Travel Cases, 2 Packs of ea, Picks (2 Pack, ea, TOTAL PICKS) out of 5 stars $ $ Get it as soon as Tue, Oct FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. GUM Soft-Picks Wider Spaces Dental Picks. 4 Reasons Why Flosser Picks Are NOT a Healthy Option. Flosser picks People will surely get these confused with the Soft Gum Picks, which were actually referred to me by a dentist. Gregg says. Thank you OraWellness for your wonderful products and customer service! Lara T from Portland, Oregon. Place the soft tip against the tooth at a degree angle and gently place the tip under the gumline, into the pocket. Turn on power to clean. Periodontal Pocket Treatment. Treatment for periodontal pockets varies depending on the severity or depth of the pocket or pockets you have. Jul 15,  · These things are really great, but my dentist just gave me a clear warning: The Soft Picks ride on your gum and go between your teeth at the base of the tooth, just where the tooth's root begins. There is no enamel on the tooth there, so the teeth are soft at that point. If. Gum soft picks instructions