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Jul 29, GNC Holdings has added 3 million new customers to its Member Price Gold Card loyalty program that rolled out during May and June. Feb 27, NEWARK, N.J. – GNC unilaterally discontinued its Gold Card program in December , depriving millions of their right to membership. Dec 15, February A class-action complaint was filed against GNC for allegedly offering customers a one-year membership to its Gold Card. What Is A Gnc Gold Card

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Fortunato said during the call that the company accomplished its primary goals regarding the new Membership Price Gold Card customer loyalty program: new Gold Card member acquisition; increased flexibility to manage pricing; more transaction growth spread throughout the month, improved price perception; and better program awareness among new customers. Fortunate said the new Membership Gold Card program addressed the biggest customer complaint against the previous version of the program, which was the inability to use the card throughout the month. The fee is the same fee for the new program, but discounts are now available anytime. GNC has found the new program produces higher store traffic, increased revenue, and strong margins.

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In lateGNC, one of the largest nutrition and supplements businesses in the country, made a bold move. With places to buy michael kors like Vitamin Shoppe average cost of home renters insurance Wal-Mart cutting into optimum points profit margins, GNC decided to is amc surveys legit all 4, of its stores for a the sill discount code and reset its pricing strategy, offering one simplified price across all channels and lowering prices on 50 percent of its available products. All of this was part of a larger One New GNC initiative, which was meant to improve the customer experience and build a much more hospitable environment, eventually encouraging growth. While the launch was quiet, the impact to the business has been loud. With a premium option for customers, GNC is building an environment which brings in qualified and engaged customers, who are entering through the lens of a loyalty program.

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S ticking to the status-quo can be comfortable for a lot of businesses. For some, the need to evolve and shift is unnecessary, especially if you are in a line of business that is recession-proof or immune to the shift in expectations from consumers. GNC, which was feeling the pressure from competitors like Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon, knew it needed to do something, and in , it scrapped its unsuccessful loyalty program, Gold Card Rewards and closed down all of its stores for a day to simplify and lower prices on a large portion of its inventory. The results, which were never truly realized in their old points program, have been eye-opening. With the almost instantaneous success and the increased engagement, GNC has not only started to evolve but is giving modern consumers what they want, while providing them with a positive, mutually beneficial relationship.

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