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Feb 28, The G3 is a budget phone with a couple of flagship features - dual The Nuu G3 has lots of storage, dual rear cameras, sizable screen and an. Mar 27, The Nuu G3 is a sleek budget phone that costs just $ In our Nuu G3 review, we take a closer look to see if it's good value. Buy NUU Mobile G3 Plus - Dual SIM 4G LTE Unlocked Cell Phone - 64GB/4GB RAM - Onyx Black - US Warranty: Unlocked Cell Phones - ✓ FREE .

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That is, providing an affordable smartphone with much of the surface appeal of a flagship worth google pay to search lot more money. There are what appear to be two speaker grilles on the bottom edge, but close inspection reveals that the right-hand one is covered on the inside. That's solid longevity from a 3,mAh battery pack, and it compares favorably to the Honor 7X and the average smartphone

Pros Bright, bold display Stock Android Sharp design. In fact, this image outside our Nuu mobile g3 York City building is amazon dvd promo code washed out, it definitely could have used a tinge of warmth in the walls, ceiling and gold trim around the windows. Nuu Mobile G3 Specs. Sleek glass casings create a striking and unique design, and its shimmering, Onyx black color is sure to get a lot of attention every time you use it.

nuu mobile g3

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Nuu Mobile G3 - The New Budget Boss!

The Nuu Mobile G3 offers high-end features at a low price

That is, providing an affordable smartphone with much of the surface appeal of a flagship worth a lot more money. To its credit, the Hong Kong manufacturer has managed to do this with considerable panache and a number of wins. An attractive design and an admirably restrained approach to software in particular help it to stand apart from many of its rivals. The Nuu Mobile G3 is a good-looking piece of kit.

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Each has a similar sheen to the original 'Sapphire Blue' color, reflecting light in varying hues depending on the lighting. Our test unit is a stunning red while the other has shifting gradients of brown not dissimilar to the tiger's eye gemstone it gets its name from. The updates to the OS bring a number of enhancements to the almost completely stock unlocked mobile device, such as picture-in-picture mode and autofill as well as improved security, performance, and battery life. That makes an already snappy affordable phone even better than before, and definitely worthy of consideration at the budget end of the spectrum. That's an octa-core chipset clocked at 2.

Nuu Mobile G3, hands on: Colourful and affordable

It comes with a Li-Po mAh, non-removable battery. It features overstock 20 off coupon 2019 5. Screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner. The 5. Autofocus is a camera feature that fine-tunes the focus of the camera, it is a nice feature of this smartphone.

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The Nuu Mobile G3 offers high-end features at a low price nuu mobile g3

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NUU Mobile G3 - Specifications NUU MOBILE G3

Buttons click through with a satisfactory 'pop' without feeling too tight. But it lacks polish across the board. After those first few minutes with the G3 we realized that it was a fingerprint and oil magnet. Naturally, the effect is somewhat spoiled by the greasy paw prints that will cover the device within minutes of handling it for the first time. Camera and battery This may be a low-cost smartphone, but it does offer up something more commonly found in high-priced flagships - dual rear cameras. nuu mobile g3

Nuu Mobile G3 review: Sexy, with a side of substance