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An associate degree is an undergraduate degree awarded, primarily in the United States, after The title of Associate in Physical Science (Associate in Science from ) was used by the University of Durham College of Physical Sciences. Apr 21, Many careers requiring an associate degree, certificate or diploma offer good pay and advancement opportunities. Learn about great careers. Where they are offered, degree programs may be two-year associate degrees or four-year applied degrees. Generally speaking, university diplomas and.

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The Doctor of And1 slippers Administration DBAfor example, is a popular professional doctorate degree designed to prepare students for careers in business. Most doctoral programs are challenging, rigorous, and require a full-time commitment.


There are over 1, two-year fusion proglide blades coupon in the United States. These schools are also known as junior or community colleges. In most states, community colleges are operated either by a division of the state university or by local special districts subject to guidance from a state agency. Students who choose a two-year program route in higher education study to earn an associate also known as intermediate degree.

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Last Updated: Aug 12, By TBS Staff. An associate is a two-year college degree offered at most community colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools, and some four-year universities. Have you ever thought about being an allergy technician? Architectural technician?

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Minimum eligibility requirements: Students must be at least 14 years old and have completed the 8th grade. On a dollar for dollar basis, a professional certification may make a lot more sense. Retrieved March 29, Two year degree name