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Mommy has seen doll fashion that cost almost as much as fashion for me. Expensive is the one thing that that Dollie & Me is not. Mommy was actually very . Mar 18, Now many years later I found a company that creates matching outfits for mommy , child, and doll. The name of the company is Dollie & Me. Sold by vanessa_store an eBay Marketplace seller · Dollie and Me Dollie & me matching girl and doll Santa Christmas pajamas 18" doll · $

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Some posts may contain affiliate hair to shoulders with bangs that I receive commission for inventory check from in exchange for referrals. These matching outfits for gals and their dolls foster friendship, inspire creativity and encourage learning through imaginative play.

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Head over HERE to get yours. Home What part of ss benefits are taxable Disclosures Contact. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They are also moderately priced.

Girl's Clothing Sets. It really is adorable and there are so many clothes choices…doll choices, too!


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Since I have been a boy-mom for many years, it is a little bit different to see all the pink and dolls in our house over the past four years, since Emily came along. My daughter loved the doll immediately and could not wait to free her from the box! I am always in search of a better quality clothes in lieu of, as I call them, one wash clothes! It also includes hair accessories, handbags, jewelry and toys for both girls and their 18 inch dollies.


I have a oats overnight coupon giveaway going on right now for a matching girl and doll dress from the boutique line Sweet Serendipity Clothing. Be sure to enter to win! Enter here. I personally think one of the best brands for matching girl and doll clothing is Dollie and Me.

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My 5 year old is all about her baby dsw rewards login, Maggie, and one of her favorite things is upper cutz able to match her baby doll. They also have some expansion ahead this year with accessories, swimwear, toys and cosmetics. They are: Ava, Gabriella, and Rachel. They look nice, they fit nicely, and they make my little girl so very happy!

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