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Oct 17, Always Bring Duct Tape: Duct tape may be the number one tool for handy-men and farmers, but it's also magic for sportscasters. In football or. Jun 13, Tuesday Life Hacks: 6 things dad can do with duct tape Since this week we celebrate Fathers, here are some helpful duct tape life hacks. Our friend CrazyRussianHacker is at it again! This time he shows us ten useful ways to use duct tape, or duck tape anyway you feel it should be said!.

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Simple Duct Tape Life Hacks

Duct tape life hacks - where learn

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Newsletters Coupons. Grab a strip of duct tape, and viola!

John, LOL! But I always thought you looked hair to shoulders with bangs Brad Pitt anyway. You don't? Tuesday, August 15, Seven incredible duct tape life hacks. I have assembled seven of my favorite life hacks for the guy who always has a roll of duct tape handy.

2. Add grip to slippery shoes.

Like the force: it has a dark side, a light side, and holds the universe together. Not a permanent or washable solution, but it'll get you through a wear or two! Learn how to do it here. There's a specific way to lay down the tape — learn how here. No need to break the bulb — learn how to do it here.

Duct Tape Life Hacks

Not a permanent or washable solution, but it'll get you through a wear or two! It's hard to put these laces through a hole. Hack 5 - Screen dimmer. Clear your history. Waterproof Your Shoes. The slick side of the tape will prevent snow from collecting. I Made It! Good Ideas. duct tape life hacks