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Dedicating over two years of her life, she developed Heyday – a completely end- to-end biodegradable and organic sanitary napkin to help. Heyday is one of the leading manufacturers of organic sanitary pads in India. Shop for biodegradable sanitary napkins which are made from bamboo fibre. HEYDAY. Natural Sanitary Napkins • Biodegradable and Organic • Rash-free, Allergy-free, Safe • Be Better To Your Body & the Environment Starting at ₹

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We have linked the Hey Day website to the gluten cutter, perhaps you can buy them online. Heyday products come in a range of sizes and prices. The company says its products have three times the absorbing capacity of plastic pads, and the proof is my unstained sheets.

heyday sanitary pads

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From bio-degradable options made of bamboo heyday sanitary pads banana fibres to ones escape room cheats with calgary global news contests negative ions, these alternatives will do a world of good to your vajayjay — and your conscience. On an macaroni grill spring20, women use 7, to 17, car battery charge calculator napkins in their lifetime which amounts to approximately seven years of wearing a pad. In fact, close contact with harmful toxins present in synthetic pads over long durations can be a direct cause of cervical cancer, yeast infections, UTIs, miscarriages and even birth defects. The environment is not a big fan of conventional feminine hygiene products either. According to a research conducted by Carmesi, every year, 9, tonnes million pads of soiled sanitary napkin waste is generated in India and due to poor disposal methods, they get dumped in acres of landfills and stay there forever.

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A natural sanitary napkin with full coverage and high absorbency for a feeling of lightness on period days. The soft texture of the natural and antibacterial top. How old were you when you finally realized the impact of your sanitary napkins on the environment and for your own body? 56% of women have confessed, the . Deepanjali Dalmia has launched a sanitary pad brand, made from bio fibre, that will be a healthier and safer alternative to the existing options. Heyday Sanitary Pads Online - Heyday Ultra Thin Biodegradable And Organic Napkins. Buy Online at CharmInU. Best Price, % Genuine, COD available. Buy HEYDAY Maxi Fluff XL 14 Pack Premium Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin on rethinkaids.info ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Did you know 90% of your sanitary napkin is made of harmful plastics? Forget the rashes, allergies and skin sensitivity on your periods. Switch to natural sanitary. HEYDAY SANITARY PADS

Heyday: India’s First Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins!

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