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A direct burial may prove the most affordable burial option if you wish to save on funeral costs but do not want cremation. If you choose burial as an option, remember that you will also need to purchase a cemetery plot, and these plots can be very expensive indeed. This consumer demand is fostering a trend towards more affordable funeral alternatives, and the industry is slowly responding. If you are.

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Starbucks refill cup will then depend upon the cemetery, whether a green burial plot is chosen. Cheap Funerals - How to arrange a low cost funeral or cremation.

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Thanks for an interesting read. It will then depend upon the cemetery, whether a lids bogo coupon burial plot is chosen.

There is a lot of talk around the daily journal corporation industry about direct cremation. As there is no viewing, visitation or funeral ceremony, the deceased does not need to be embalmed.


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My sister, Christine, is a nurse and she suggested a book to me. Caitlin is a mortician and she also writes a blog called The Order of the Good Death. Her book was an eye-opening read and she is really changing thoughts and ideas around death and dying. And, not too long ago I decided to walk down the path a bit further and look into ways that your corpse can save a family money.

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Avoid the funeral sting: how to die for less than £1,000

What is a direct burial? Your most inexpensive burial option Inexpensive Burial Options

How to plan a sub-$1,000 funeral
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Just have it shipped to the funeral home, and legally they can't turn it away. The body is typically cremated and returned to the family after this. There is also a growing online network of charities and consultants happy to advise on the DIY option. Financial Strength Ratings. This week the agent, Gascoigne Pees, said the property is now under offer. The funeral ritual is a significant practice by which we come to terms with the loss of our loved one and honor their memory. Inexpensive burial options