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Mar 6, Prize indemnity insurance makes it possible for companies to hold promotional events with attractive prizes such as cars, vacations, or large. We offer insurance for promotions that allow you to promote a grand prize for a small sum of money. Instead of paying out of pocket for that car your contestant. PRIZE COVERAGE. HOLE IN ONE. Offering a prize to any golfer who hits a hole- in-one is a great way to attract attention or raise money while on the course.

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Instead of keeping cash reserves home decor blog giveaways cover large prizes, the promoter pays a premium to an insurance company, which then reimburses the insured should a prize be given away. Lifestyle Advice. However, none of the events occurred in the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

car giveaway insurance policy

Prize indemnity insurance, sometimes referred to as hole-in-one insurance, is indemnification insurance for a promotion in which participants are offered the chance to win prizes. It gives companies the ability to offer special contests and promotions with attractive prizes like cars, vacations, and fat checks, while transferring the risk of the prize to a financially bound insurer. Instead of hoarding cash to cover large prizes, organizations can pay a premium to an insurance company. This premium is calculated on the value of the prize and the statistical odds of someone winning it.

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You can celebrate right along with the winner. The typical premium for prize indemnity insurance is 3 to 15 percent of the prize value. About Us. Car giveaway insurance policy